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Air Duct Cleaning California

A home, through the years, experiences many lives- the lives of its tenants and its own. Just like someone takes care of their body, one must also take good care of their home to ensure durability and longevity; it is why people even bother to go through the process of renovating and cleaning it. However, there is one thing in which many tend to forget about as it’s something that doesn’t tend to cross one’s mind until you see the flecks of dust reflected in sunlight: a home’s HVAC system.

The HVAC system is your home’s lungs, or in other words, its ventilation system. While its purpose is to regulate and ensure comfortable living temperatures, it also has designs in place to protect and trap pollutants that cause the home’s air quality to decrease. People who are sensitive to these contaminants like animal dander, pollen, debris, dust, and grime rely on their HVAC to work properly more than they realize. Especially in older homes, it’s very important that customers get their air ducts properly cleaned and sanitized whenever possible as there can be residue left behind from former tenants like smoke or even pet dandruff. Home cleaners and personal care items could emit chemicals into the air even when not in use.

Air Duct Cleaning Time

There are many variables that go into how long it takes for a proper air duct cleaning to be performed- but generally, a single-family home’s air duct system could take an average of 1-2 hours for up to 8 ducts to clean, and potentially longer with more ducts, the condition of the ductwork found prior to the cleaning, or in older properties. After booking for cleaning services, a licensed technician would proceed to a tenant’s home, inspect the ducts and use powerful equipment to clear the surface of the duct of allergens and dirt by agitating and removing contaminants in an efficient and clean manner. There may even be some damage or leaking the technician encounters due to maintenance neglect or because of the age of the specific HVAC unit they are servicing, but should this occur, the tenant would immediately be alerted to proceed in making informed next step decisions to restore the ducts to their former working condition. They will explain the process thoroughly so the tenant can feel comfortable with the service to be performed and questions at any time during the appointment are encouraged. Our trained and certified technicians are equipped with commercial-grade air duct cleaning equipment like negative air machines and professional brushes that will assure proper HVAC cleaning solutions, heavy debri removal and quality results.

Need someone to clean the air duct or change fillers in the all system ?

The end goal by the time the technician leaves is to ensure that the customer’s needs are met for air duct cleaning, bring them peace of mind with the freshest air circulating throughout their home or business and be able to lengthen the time for tenants to continue enjoying themselves in the place they proudly call their home. 


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