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Regular maintenance and proper repair of any problems are crucial for optimum comfort, air quality, efficiency, reliability, safety, and equipment longevity but it’s quite difficult to know whether your ducts need to be repaired or not. They are not in plain sight and are hidden to keep out of the way, so it is easy to forget about them. The best course of action to take is to hire trained duct maintenance professionals so that your system could be inspected on a regular basis. If a room in your home is constantly fluctuating in temperature, take that as a sign that you may need to contact and schedule repair service from Air Ducts Masters of California. These problems have a potential of causing harm to your equipment by causing it to work more than necessary and may lead to torn or leaky ducts which compromise indoor air quality. Other signs to keep in mind for faulty air ducts include excessive dust or abnormally priced energy bills.  

However, there could come a time where conducting repair on the ducts may not be enough to save them from deteriorating. Especially with forced-air distribution systems, you have to ensure your ducts have the integrity to match the rest of your system. Air Ducts Masters of California offers professional duct replacement services which can make sure you have everything needed to succeed. Our technicians will walk you through every step of the replacement process and educate you on whether it would be better to continue repairs or if it would be more cost-effective to simply replace the entire network of ducts.


The most common type of issues that arise when it comes to air duct maintenance is either blockage or breaching. A breach occurs when the bolts between two pieces wear out over time, or due to animal or accidental damage. Air could simply flow freely in or out of the ducts when this happens. A blockage, as its name might suggest, occurs by a crimp in the ducts or it can also be caused by build-up. This problem can be detected by reduction in airflow.

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A trained technician can properly diagnose the issue and repair or replace damage done to your ducts, so it’s time for a maintenance check if you notice any of these problems. But no matter the problem, correction, or replacement needed, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to assist. They are able to diagnose the cause of the issue and pinpoint its location hidden within the ducts while advising you the entire time, and they’ll be able to start working on getting the issue fixed as promptly as possible using a variety of different and effective methods

If you have any questions or concerns, look into scheduling a time to have your ducts inspected and serviced. It’s never a bad time to have your ductwork get taken care of

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