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Indoor Air Quality service provided by the top rated company in California

Air Duct Masters of California takes pride in the relationships we’ve built with our customers throughout the years, and there’s no plans of stopping anytime soon. Originating as a family business, the company was able to humbly and steadily grow and expand area coverage to be able to service and assist many more families in the surrounding neighborhoods with time. Air Duct Masters of California eventually established a name for itself in the field and along with the expansion of coverage, the company was fortunate enough to be able to hire on more premium and experienced staff to help with the work. Customer care is the most important to the company. It has been since the beginning, and without the qualified technicians or clerks that Air Duct Masters of California currently employs on the field and in the office, the company wouldn’t be where it is today. 

Commom Indoor Air Pollutants

AirBorne Particles – from diesel, exhaust, dust, smoke and other sources

Indoor Formaldehyde – from building materials, furniture, cooking, and smoking 

Household odors & gases – from activities such as painting, cooking, and smoking 

Ozone – from outdoor air ( ground level ozone is harmful to breathe

Carbon Dioxide – from people exhaling and cooking 

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