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Having an lint alarm enhances your home’s safety by being able to monitor the dryer for any problems that may occur over natural use. LED indicators will illuminate and sound will be triggered to alert you of the lint that has built up over time needing to be removed as it becomes dangerous to remain unchecked. To have an alert can bring peace of mind to a homeowner, keeping a clean dryer vent is more than just saving money on bills. The U.S. Fire Administration reports more than 15,000 dryer fires every year. By installing a lint alarm can help protect your home and family from that threat.

The device’s main purpose is to alert you of the fact your dryer is running at all times. The way it works is by protecting you with continuous monitoring of airflow and pressure in the exhaust system. It is equipped with three main features to ensure your dryer is operating at safe levels. One is the air pressure sensor which detects extremely small changes in water column inch.  The LED indicators are the second feature to the alarm and will illuminate should there be any changes in the system. The dryer duct connection is the last feature to the alarm and attaches to the transition hose at the back of the dryer and connected to the alarm module.
Over time, even with proper care, lint will collect inside your dryer’s lint filter housing and restrict the airflow, increasing the risk of overheating and fires. When an obstruction builds up in the vent line it reduces the air flow of the dryer. Once the airflow of the dryer becomes reduced, the dryer can overheat. The airflow sensor simultaneously monitors the temperature of the airflow with a built-in high heat sensor that will warn you of an overheating danger.

Keep Your Home Safe

f you’re curious to learn more about the lint alarm and if how it would be beneficial to your home, feel free to ask your technician about it and they’d be happy to provide their expert advice on how to keep you and your family safer.

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So if it has been a while since the last cleaning, or any of the prior indicators have become more apparent in your own home, don’t hesitate to call and consult with a technician. They would be more than happy to assist and ensure the dryer vent is running smoothly and don’t present any danger to the property or home.

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